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by DaveGlass1960 on April 13, 2017 · permalink

Works in Windows 10, gives you a text file in a folder of your choice of the contents of the body of the e-mail. in my case I want to email the results of a blood sugar test from my phone to my PC so a prog can add these to my spreadsheet, works perfectly

Edit: Still love it but it needs updating as no longer working with version 60+

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it is one of a kind extension, couldn't find anything similar but would appreciate a feature to search for subjects like "[b1]*b2"
b1 = word1, b2=word 2, * = anything.

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I Like this one alot, but i need to move mail with Subjects longer than one word, and have comma (:) in them, like "E-mal copy: orginal subject" is it possible to fix this ??

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thank u for translation in english...but i still have a problem thunder bird 31.5 windowsd8 Familly....unable to setup a right folder , each time the bell rings and say the folder not set , iv try to make a folder directly at the root but the problem remain
...Any suggestion ?

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No, i have no suggestion. I have never testet it on Win8.1. I will test.