ExQuilla for Microsoft Exchange Version History

16 versions

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Version 60.0 360.3 KiB Works with Thunderbird 52.0a2 - 60.*

ExQuilla version 60.0 adds support for Thunderbird 60.* versions.

Version 52.3.1200 375.5 KiB Works with Thunderbird 52.0a2 - 52.*

This version 52.3.1200 fixes a number of bugs (since 52.2.1188):

- Fix handling of UTF characters in streams used to copy messages and save files
- Forwarding a message with an attachment did not save the attachment
- Credentials were not saved when a password was changed.
- Fixed crashes from empty message body, or certain embedded images.
- Special folder URLs (like Sent Items) could be incorrect, so that "Sent on ... server" did not work. This sometimes resulted in duplicate folders.
- Handling of special folder names now matches Exchange names, not Thunderbird names.
- Non-standard comma-separated references now work.
- Name and email swapped in outgoing email sender field
- Email attachments were not working
- Sanitize email attachment names, otherwise saving certain attachments failed.
- Fixed failing body and header search
- fixed issues with autodiscover
- fixed failing saveAllAttachments
- sending using foreign server was failing

Version 52.2.1188 372.0 KiB Works with Thunderbird 52.0a2 - 52.*

Fixes many bugs:

1) Folder update was not catching unread changes
2) Notification failed in some cases
3) Folders with names the same as Thunderbird key folders masked the Exchange folders, causing folders like Sent to disappear or appear empty.
4) Can't delete virtual folders
5) Folder deletes did not go to Trash
6) GAL search fails after the first search
7) Folder repair did not repair missing bodies
8) Edit as New messages lost their embedded images
9) Many attachments with the same name caused overflow of folder names, causing blank email bodies.

Version 52.1.1180 370.4 KiB Works with Thunderbird 52.0a2 - 54.*

This version fixes a number of issues that early users of ExQuilla with Thunderbird 52.0 encountered, including:

- garbled international characters in thread pane
- garbled folder names for special folders (Junk, Trash, etc) for localized versions in the folder pane
- message moves or deletes failed after the first move
- filters that moved messages failed after the first move
- could not print messages
- excessive authentication popups with autodiscover
- regular unwanted reappearance of the ExQuilla license options button
- failure to send certain messages with international characters.

In the previous release of ExQuilla for Thunderbird 52.0, there was a frequent or startup crash in OSX for sites that used NTLM authentication. This crash was in OSX code, and was reproducible in our tests a week ago, but no longer. We are uncertain if the crash is intermittent for us, or if an OSX update fixed the underlying problem, but this version of ExQuilla does not have any changes that would fix that crash.

Version 52.0.1174 369.4 KiB Works with Thunderbird 52.0a2 - 52.0a2

Release 52 is a major rewrite due to changes in allowable addons with Thunderbird, and the number of actual functional changes is small. It will only work with Thunderbird 52.0b2 or later.

New features:

1) Folder notifications. Emails should now be added as soon as they arrive, rather than requiring to click on the folder. As a result, the server options "Automatically sync all folders" now works well and is preferred, and periodic "Check for new messages" may not be needed.

2) Translations added for it, ru, ja, and fr languages.

Version 45.0.1161 1.1 MiB Works with Thunderbird 38.0 - 45.*

Adds support for Thunderbird 45.*, drops support for Thunderbird 31.*

Version 38.0.1160 3.5 MiB Works with Thunderbird 31.0 - 38.*

This version is exactly identical to the previous version, 38.0.1159, except that it has some automatic changes done by Mozilla, and the revision was rolled. It is only uploaded to fix some sort of problem with the hash in the Mozilla site that prevented the previous version from installing correctly.

Version 38.0.1159.1-let-fixed 3.5 MiB Works with Thunderbird 31.0 - 38.*

Major changes in the version since the previous version (31.0.1136):

Support for Thunderbird 38 added, support for Thunderbird 24 dropped (but see note below)
Fixed: Startup failure fixed for profiles with large numbers of folders
Multiple connections to the Exchange server are supported, speeding up message sync
If a custom form-based authentication is used, the custom form will now popup to allow entering account credentials.
Autodiscover will be used to update the URL if connection to the server fails
Fixed: SaveAll encoded the attachment name incorrectly
Hidden folders are now hidden in the folder tree
Support Thunderbird's fcc reply follow parent option

Version 31.0.1136 3.0 MiB Works with Thunderbird 24.2.0 - 31.*

This version is a minor update that fixes an issue where the auto-complete addresses from GAL lookups were not showing in the compose window when used with Thunderbird 31

Version 31.0.1135 3.0 MiB Works with Thunderbird 24.2.0 - 31.*

Changes since version 24.7
  • Adds support for Thunderbird versions 31.* and drops support for Thunderbird versions earlier than 24.2 (including Thunderbird 17).
  • For users running Thunderbird 31, ExQuilla can now work with multiple NTLM-authenticated accounts to the same server without a painful workaround that greatly slowed performance. This is possible because we got a core Mozilla patch landed that fixed an underlying problem in the Mozilla platform.
  • Timeouts are added to various server calls to prevent hangs when the server never responds to a request.
  • Disable attachment download from archived message class IPM.Note.EAS which was causing hangs.
Changes since version 24.6
  • Support for inline attachments and attachment size (Exchange 2010 or later)
  • Fix issue of missing domain in Basic authentication
  • A quick database resync is done at each startup to improve database reliability
  • Folder repairs use the local sqlite database when possible rather than redownloading from server
  • Fix issue of not saving attachments from message opened in window
  • Fix issue of OSX authentication dialogs being hidden when password or certificate is incorrect
  • Improve performance of message moves and deletes
  • Fix issue of form-based authentication getting stuck when authentication failed

Version 24.6 1.0 MiB Works with Thunderbird 17.0 - 24.*

(Linux version will be updated later due to AMO errors)

Changes since version 24.5

The pace of code change has been impacted by very rapid changes in the build infrastructure for the underlying Mozilla code, which has resulted in lots of effort to just be able to continue building the code. Hopefully the worst of that is over, and in the future we can add more fixes and features to ExQuilla.
Bug Fixes

Multiple accounts on the same server were getting mixed up
Accounts disappear intermittently (we believe that the core cause of this issue is now fixed)
Asking to delete attachment instead deletes message
Error "missing getIspDefaultsForEmail" sometimes prevents account creation
Junk warning "inputEncoding deprecated" eliminated

New Features

Spanish locale added
Save All Attachments now works
Emergency session license can be used if license fails

Version 24.5.3 6.1 MiB Works with Thunderbird 17.0 - 24.*

This version fixes an issue that broke Linux usage for Thunderbird 24.1.1 There is no change at all on OSX or Windows. Hopefully the core bug that has been causing this breakage has now been fixed, so that these regular compatibility updates will no longer be necessary.

Version 24.5.2 4.9 MiB Works with Thunderbird 17.0 - 24.*

This release is identical to the previous version 24.5, except that the Linux version has had additional files added to also work with Thunderbird 24.0.1 and 24.1.0 This is due to a core Mozilla bug. This release will work with all current versions of Thunderbird 17 and Thunderbird 24 (including 24.0, 24.0.1, and 24.1.0).

Version 24.5 2.6 MiB Works with Thunderbird 17.0 - 24.*

See https://exquilla.zendesk.com/entries/27158733-ExQuilla-24-5-released for details on changes in this version.

Version 23.1 1.4 MiB Works with Thunderbird 17.0 - 17.*

Changes since version 22.0

New Features

Some support for attachments that are Outlook items has been added. Emails open in Thunderbird, calendar items just show raw text. Contact items are blank for some unknown reason that needs further work.
Existing early adopters are offered a free six month license, as a preparation for the switch to a pay model beginning in ExQuilla 24 and Thunderbird 24.

Bug Fixes

Certain meeting-related messages were not downloaded.
Copies and Folders settings in the Account Manager were resetting to Local Folders in some circumstances
Address book is empty when server connection is offline.

Version 21.0 1.4 MiB Works with Thunderbird 17.0 - 17.*

Changes since version 20.1
New Features

We now can support Exchange installations that use form-based authentication with the Forefront threat management gateway.
Search in both traditional and global search supports body search and attachments.
(As a consequence of the above, you can now use the popular Conversations addon with ExQuilla)

Fixed Bugs

In some cases Exchange accounts would not reload after initial install.
Printing now shows the attachment list (though the attachment size in incorrect)
Deletes of many messages should be faster
SaveAll attachments should now work
Messages can be saved as a file of type .eml