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Can your add photo and open contact info in message header?
Something like this makes Contact Photos (https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/thunderbird/addon/contact-photos/?src=cb-dl-popular), but it can't ldap.

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Update: Is it possible to add Kerberos (GSSAPY) authentication? My Thunderbird receives the address book from ldap server authenticating with Kerberos. Unfortunately, the photo appears in the profiles only when I allow anonymous access to the ldap server.

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Works like a champ. Thanks!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4.0). 

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update :Is it possible to add the photo in the visualization of mail?
such as the plugin touch display photo '

Update : your plugin function!I edit the file common.js the plugin to suit my infrastructure!
line 153
replace "(mail =" by "(your attribute ="

Update :pegPhoto work on thunderbird 17.0.2 when I change the attribute Primarymail by mail.but we use e-mail alias with another attribute ...


hello, this module does not work for me on 17.0.2 thunderbird esr!I use the attribute jpegPhoto ...Have you an idea?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.4.0). 

Thanks for the info. I guess there should be a simple way to configure the attribute in the UI then. I will consider that.


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Update : it works OK now with version 0.4.0. Thanks Piotr ! Five stars !

I've been waiting for a long time for such an add'on, as I was a previous user of DCTab for Thunderbird 3.1. But this LDAP Contact Photo doesn't work presently on my system on Thunderbird 16.

I've found the explaination : it's because we are using an ldap server with no login nor password for reading. The add'on is working when I test it with a password.

Could you fix it, please ? I'll be happy to test it.Thanks.

The 3 stars are an encouragment for this great functionnality

Update : v0.3.0 does not work either. In practice, Thunderbird does not ask for any password : it just shows the "adress card" of the people that I select, and the photo is in grey.

Update : It's not a question of having saved the password. We really use an ldap server with "anonymous" login. I can give you details on the ldap query structure by mail. In that case, I suspect that TB may use simplified calls to the server.

Update : Thanks for the reply. As I tell you, when I use the addon with a registred user and a password, it works. But it doesn't with anonymous login. I had a look in your source file, and I tested a few things, but I am not expert in java and I can't do anymore (for instance, I would like to try to prompt the ldap query, in order to see (a) if the query occurs, and (b) the exact syntax, but I don't know how to do). I suspect (but I'm not sure) that TB did not go through the addon in case of anonymous login.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.2.0). 

If TB does not ask for a password it simply means that you have already saved the password for this LDAP server with password manager. Try to remove the saved password and just hit OK when asked for a new one.

Update: Let me repeat it. The add-on will always ask you for a password unless you saved it and if it does not ask it means it uses the saved one. All LDAP properties are taken directly from TB LDAP server settings including Hostname, Port number, Bind DN or Search filter as the add-on fully relies on TB built-in LDAP API. In case of search filter, additional query with email condition is added, this might be a root cause of the problem also.FYI, Mozilla LDAP API is pretty simple - see http://people.mozilla.com/~chofmann/l10n/tree/mozilla/directory/xpcom/base/public/nsILDAPOperation.idl). The add-on will pass null as password if you leave the password empty.

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Thanks a lot! It works great!
It's a very nice add-on and gives thunderbird a functionality it deserved already long ago!

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