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Great add-on, and thanks for showing me what I did wrong.

(I have updated my review in light of Alexander's clarification of an issue I had with conditional statements, and to help others avoid the mistake I made.)

In case anyone else has an issue with conditional statements not working as intended, you may have a syntax issue. Taking one of the If/Then/Else constructs as an example, say '{{var|$|if|then|else}}', let me explain;

Af first glance, you may think, as I did, that in order to make that statement work, you would simply substitute the parameters with your variables. Thus, you might write something like the following:


However, this is incorrect!! The right way to implement this would be to use (notice the lack of curly brackets around JobTitle):


The conditional syntax is actually an extension of how variables are represented, rather than a separate construct. So, to use the job title field in your email without conditions you would refer to it simply as {{JobTitle}}.

Note that you can use string literals, variables, or combinations of these, as the 'if', 'then', and 'else' parameters. It may also be possible to perform indirection on 'var' if you construct 'var' from variables and text, but I haven't tried this.