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What about ThunderLinks withIn Lightning Calendars? Why choose the long way when the good things are so close?

Maybe i don't get it. When Lightning is installed, ThunderLInks should be clickable within Calendars and Tasks, too.
As an important step, the current "conversion" menu option (which copies the email's body) should be overloaded by Thunderbird-Linking.
Halfway usable so far... sorry!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.05). 

okay, first: ThunderLinks in Events and Tasks was not a usecase I thought of when I started, probably because of the "convert to" option. So much for the "long way".
That said, this does sound useful. And it should be doable. It won't be ready for Christmas, though, that's for sure.

second: I don't think it should go into the "convert to" submenu. After all, you don't get a converted version of the email but rather a reference to it.