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//Update: I have been in touch with the developer to fix the issue described in my initial review. He immediately reviewed and provided a new version that works flawlessly. Thanks again David, you are a star!

David, thanks for making this plugin. The idea behind it is perfect as I am also sending 100s of emails with attachment usually during the night.

I am using TB 24.2 and its not working.

Its triggering the command the moment I click "Send unsent messages" instead of running the command only once all messages are sent.

Btw, Windows 7 does not allow to combine shutdown /h with /t. Workaround is to make a bat, with timeout /t XXX /nobreak and next line shutdown -h. And then point your plugin to the bat.

Hope there is an easy fix to run the plugin only once all messages are sent.


This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.4). 

Can you please click the author's name on the addon's page and contact the developer. Perhaps this can be addressed. Thanks