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thank u for translation in english...but i still have a problem thunder bird 31.5 windowsd8 Familly....unable to setup a right folder , each time the bell rings and say the folder not set , iv try to make a folder directly at the root but the problem remain
...Any suggestion ?

No, i have no suggestion. I have never testet it on Win8.1. I will test.

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impossible to understand GERMAN langage sorry...i can't really evaluate this add-on...i am interrested but i don t understand anything ....Can u translate it in English at least ...thank u i could put 5 stars for this add on ....

Hopefully it helps, if you have a better fescription I would be lucky...

This Add-On does extract the Textcontent (whitout attachement) from an incomming e-mail with does have a specific subject (=Betreff).
In the settings from this add-on you able to set the subject that starts the export routine as well as the filepath.
In the first inputfield you can set the export Filepath(=Speicherpfad) (Root must exists; Example: C:\MyDocuments\ExportThunderbird\). At the end you have to fill in a backslash (\).

In the second Field you can set the subjects that starts the exporting routine. If you have more than one subject, you can separate those by using a coma. Pay Attention by setting the exporting subject. B1 is not the same as b1. Also look, that you don't use space in a subject. (Example: B1,Web_Form,Mytest) That means that any incomming Mail with the subject B1 or Web_Form or Mytest will be exportet into the Path C:\MyDocuments\ExportThunderbird\. There it creates for any exportet mail an *.txt File. the filename is based on the Timeformat + a variable constant.