Rated 3 out of 5 stars

## Critique

I expected this addon to, well, insert emojis to an e-mail, that is a short Unicode sequence, and only that. Something simple, lightweight, private.

It turns out that default mode is to insert *images*, implemented as link references to remotes images stored on an external network, that the recipient will have to download when they open the e-mail.

It is *very* different (and unacceptable to me). This should really be clearly announced in the description.

There's an option to hold shift key while clicking an emoji, to insert Unicode, but no option to disable insertion of image references once and for all. Details in https://github.com/mganss/EmojiAddIn/issues/14 and perhaps https://github.com/mganss/EmojiAddIn/issues/20 .

## Rating

So, how to rate that ?

The add-on appears to work. Had it titled "insert link to remote emoji images into your e-mails", it would deserve 4 or 5 stars. Current title create expectations, current implementation deceives them.

Basic features work, rating at least 2/5.
Expected feature can work but too clumsy and no option to have it right once and for all. Therefore, 3/5.

I stick to inserting strict Unicode emojis (no embedded images, no link to externally served images) by simply copy-pasting from any web site that shows lists of them, for example https://getemoji.com/ .

## Possible futures

There is still room for an addon similar to this one, but that only and strictly shows unicode emojis as they would appear in the e-mail if I pasted them.
Or an option in this add-on.
High-value bonus points for filtering emojis by "portability", or show how they will probably appear on recipient's screen. Now *that* would be a really great extension.