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In case someone can't see his second, etc. profile: in my TB the second profile only shows up, if the "Custom button"-option for the first profile gets unclicked. (But you can still create a custom button for the first profile, as long as the "Custom button"-option is clicked, you just have to unclick it afterwards for the second profile to show.)
Edit June 4th:
The problem I described above has to do with my using the "Menu Bar" for all my buttons. "Get Selected Mails" seems to work properly in the "Toolbar", but not quite so properly in the "Menu Bar".
Edit June 10th:
After I mentioned the issue with the Menu Bar (the first GSM was designed to work only with the "Mail Toolbar"), the developer actually rewrote the GSM engine, and now GSM works perfectly even in the Menu Bar.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.7.1). 

It seems you've got some unwanted behaviour. Can you contact me at getselectedmails@gmail.com? I'm looking forward joining you to know more about your comment. Thanks
Edit: thanks to you Hulibobu for having edited your reviews.