Lightning Nightly Updater (Unofficial) 0.11.110714

End-User License Agreement

Lightning Nightly Updater (Unofficial) requires that you accept the following End-User License Agreement before installation can proceed:

- The acronym "LNU" below refers to this add-on [namely Lightning Nightly Updater (Unofficial)]

- LNU is in the public domain, except the icon which is Lightning's

- LNU comes with absolutely no warranty, use at your own risk.

- LNU is pretty simple an extension, and not dangerous at all, as far as I know. However, be sure to backup your profile before using a nightly build for they often are on the bleeding edge, meaning that the blood on the edge may well end up being yours. As they say on the Calendar Project web site: "Please be aware, that the use of nightly developer builds has risks associated with it. Don't use them with production data, as data loss and other scary things can occur. We're not kidding". Well that was scary indeed =)

FYI: The stable Lightning builds are there:

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