Scottish Gaelic spell checker Version History

17 versions

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Version 3.3.1webext 1002.7 KiB

Version 3.3 1007.4 KiB

Version 3.1 883.3 KiB

Version 3.0 783.8 KiB

Bigger lexicon

Version 2.9 693.5 KiB

More words, removed some errors

Version 2.8 557.7 KiB

Increased wordcount, some bad forms removed

Version 2.7 465.3 KiB

Increased word count

Version 2.6 423.2 KiB

More words, removed some wrong forms

Version 2.5 389.3 KiB

- the usual dictionary cleanup and enlargement
- new noun categories tagged properly

Version 2.3 356.0 KiB

Improved dictionary
Now preventing erroneous compounding such as mi + nàdarra > mi-nàdarra

Version 2.2 326.0 KiB

Bigger dictionary file, some bad forms removed

Version 2.1 302.0 KiB

Fixing missing n- h- t- on non-root forms

Version 2.0 297.0 KiB

Removing Dwelly roots
Various minor linguistic fixes

Version 1.3 458.0 KiB

Various lexicon fixes and improvements
Fixed the bug which underlined the emphatic suffixes (-sa, -se, -san) if used without the hyphen

Version 1.2 370.0 KiB

Version 1.1 376.0 KiB

Version 1.0 357.0 KiB