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The Save All button does appear, but nothing happens

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I just tested this and it doesn't work at all! No save button appears... I'm using Firfox 45 under Debian. I also tested it with Iceweasel... No sucess.

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I installed this extension to allow a quick export of the (currently) 155 certs built-in to nssckbi.dll ("Builtin Object Tokens" in Certificate Manager). My ultimate goal is to cut the CA cord entirely and just make manual exceptions for each server as needed in order to make secure connections (sort of a "poor man's web-of-trust"). Having a copy of the built-in certs comes in handy when you've disabled nssckbi.dll entirely. :-)

One suggestion: The indexes are really only needed to prevent duplicate filenames, and it's actually more useful to instead allow the files to sort by common name (CN) or organisation (O). So, I'm suggesting that the filename format be changed to make the files sort better within the output folder, and make the names easier to interpret:

Put the index number at the end of the filename, instead of the beginning (and perhaps only include an index when there's actually a duplicate file, as Windows does). Switch the cert attributes in the filename to put organisation (O) before common name (CN); this would match the organizational layout within Certificate Manager itself. And add a separator character between the two fields to make it easier to distinguish them within the filename. I'm guessing that something like "#" would be a good choice for this (or some other character that won't likely be used within the two fields themselves).

Simos, you said: "I am considering to add the code of Export All Certificates to Gecko, so that this add-on will not be require anymore. It should take a day's work. If you have comments on this, tell me!" You definitely have my yes vote on this!Thanks for your effort on this extension.

EDITED to add: I see now that you do include a single underscore character to separate the common name and organization strings. I guess I missed this because I didn't expect to see an underscore used as a token delimiter when the tokens themselves include spaces (I'm used to seeing file names with underscores in place of spaces). Maybe switch the delimiter to a hyphen wrapped with spaces? " - "