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im on firefox 44.0.2 cause its the only latest version that supports older addons.
i have an issue & your addon focus regainer never helped & might not be exactly what i'd need, but maybe you could create a script for greasemonkey or another addon for that. i'll explain you the situation:

firefox size tends to grow in vm, & something that is very irritating in the end
& that happens since first firefox versions, let's say i have
20 tabs & 4 windows...

After a certain period,
one or two other opened windows appear over the window i was working on


-if i click on a link, the click will be re-assigned to the window that came over
-if i close my tab or window, it will be the window that came over that will be closed
-if i click on the back button on my keyboard, same thing is applied to the window that stole focus.

if a script could avoid that & never allow firefox from bring up other windows from my deskbar
when i'm not clicking on them, that would be amazing