Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Removed the only tab I use ; Hangouts . I get that the author probably views this as a way to encourage revenue generation, but done like this with no warning it just generates ill-will.

With not even a pop-up telling you about future plans to do this, most people will have been searching around wondering why their Hangouts tab has disappeared (and isn't available from the Customize Menu options).

If there had been a warning, I might have even shelled out the five bucks for the pro version. But like this? Sorry, you just destroyed my trust. Thanks for the free extension, while it lasted, it was appreciated.

I'll probably go back to BitLBee + libpurple + Hexchat for Hangouts support, but this is obviously not to everyone's taste.

* (along with GMail ; not quite sure what the point of that tab is when you've probably worked hard to configure it on IMAP if you're using Thunderbird).