Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I use TB 52.4.0 and recently downloaded MagicSLR 5.0.3.
After Installing it an TB restart, no new button appears.
I can adjust the options in the Add-on menu, but all what happens is, that I get a new subtitle-menu when I use the get-emails-menu.
In addition, my 3 accounts appear now doubled or sometimes even tripeled.
I tried to install / uninstall the add-on several times, always the same.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.0.3). 

1) There is only one additional button "Get all". To get this button in main toolbar, you've to add it to the toolbar by "Customize". All other features are in the Get/Send buttons dropdown.
2) The multipled (doubled / tripeled) account entries in drop down are a long know problem (maybe 10 years...), occuring not only by this add-on. This behaviour occurs only after customizing the toolbar. After a Thunderbird restart the accounts are shown in the normal way (one times) in the drop down.