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I just updated to Firefox 51 and now the search field doesn't automatically pick the site I'm on anymore, doesn't copy any of my data (password, username...) and has thus become useless. It's basically just the regular Firefox password window with a bunch of non-functioning elements from your add-on. I use it quite excessively so I'd appreciate you look into this. Thank you. :)

(I do not want to sign up and submit a bug on Bugzilla@Mozdev because my e-mail would be publically visible. Sorry about that.)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (3.7.2). 

Here is the bug report and an attached version there that should fix it:


this disables e10s by setting the flag. I need a quick reply if it works you can email me via the support site so that I can upload the new version for the other users. tia.