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Filtering is based on three options:
* Mailing Lists;
* Subject Line Analysis;
* Robot;

"Mailing List": It appears to overlook all "List-*" headers, other than "List-ID". Behaviour related to "List-ID" is inconsistent, but it usually ignores that header. Furthermore it does not recognize that lists are occasionally BCC or CC rather than To.

"Subject Line Analysis": This looks at subject lines, and constructs a filter accordingly. Useful for individual threads. Sometimes recognizes that emails with a word in brackets on the subject line are from the same list, or otherwise topically related. However, it doesn't consistently follow this rule.

Robot: email is typically sent by no-reply@example.com, or a variant thereof. It usually recognizes mail from bots as such.

It does create filters for POP3, without doing anything special. (IOW, you can ignore what the developer says to do.)

To me, the only way to create documentation for this extension, would be to take a screen video showing how the different filters work. That would require a setup constructed specifically for writing documentation. Something that might be useful, for demonstrating how to use other extensions, and perhaps Thunderbird itself.

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Hi gark87, thanks for this addon, I think it really has the potential to become popular as it seems to do what it claims, however a lot more explanation is needed of each option and function for the less-technically minded among us.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.0.2). 

Hi Peter,
thank you very much for your review.
I've made project page (https://github.com/gark87/SmartFilters/wiki/Overview) where tried to describe plugin better.
Please let me know if something is missing.