Addons Manager Hilite Version History

12 versions

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These versions are displayed for reference and testing purposes. You should always use the latest version of an add-on.

Version 3.0 22.2 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 56.*, SeaMonkey 2.13 - 2.49.*, Thunderbird 31.0 - 55.*

* Fixed error in install.rdf which prevented multi-process compatible flag from being recognized
* Compatibility fix for Firefox48+
* Saved selections for hilite now stored in pref rather than in localstore.rdf
* Saved selections now stored as name/value pairs
* Fix various shutdown code issues (memory leak after add-on disabled until fx restart)
* Fixed appearance of hover highlight on Firefox 40+
* Minor cosmetic fix to Options panel (Correct size of Input field for entering 'Listbox Size')
* Remove apparently no longer necessary delays
* Add sorting buttons to Add-ons Manager page (except for categories known to supply own sort buttons)
* Drop Alphabetical & Updated sort prefs (use sorting buttons instead)
* Attempt to auto-detect categories
* Add UI for (previously hidden) option showing the version number in the optional autocomplete Add-on List (no longer requires restart)
* Add option to group 'by state' when sorting by 'Last Updated'
* Fixed: Autocomplete listbox should not include inaccessible (hidden) add-ons e.g. Firefox Hello
* Move autocomplete code for optional Add-on listbox into a module and only load it if option enabled and delay its load until Add-ons Manager is first opened
* Better compatibility with current Thunderbird versions; drop support for Thunderbird versions prior to 31
* Drop support for UIextra hidden pref (broken since version 2.1 anyway)
* Drop support for Add-ons Manager Dialog Returns extension (which is broken on current Firefox versions anyway)
* Added el locale (thanks to George Malamas)
* Refactor options handling code

Note: Due to change in method of storing the saved hilite, a one time reset of your saved hilite data will occur when updating from a version prior to 3.0.

Version 16.2 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 47.*, SeaMonkey 2.13 - 2.32, Thunderbird 16.0 - 47.*

* Declare Process Separation (aka e10s) compatibility in install.rdf
* Fixed: Removal of saved hilite data when uninstalling this add-on fails (includes Compatibility fix for uninstalling on Firefox 34+)

Version 16.1 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 33.*, SeaMonkey 2.13 - 2.28, Thunderbird 16.0 - 31.*

* Compatibility fix for Firefox (Gecko) 31:
'Select Add-on' autocomplete listbox broken due to Bug 1005083

Version 2.1.1-signed 16.0 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 29.*, SeaMonkey 2.13 - 2.25, Thunderbird 16.0 - 28.0a2

* Fixed: Hilite not always properly restored when switching between categories
* Fixed: Hilite/sorting not correctly initialized when 'Show Select Add-on list' option is disabled and 'Always Restore Hilite' option is enabled
* Fixed: Sorting Option not always properly applied upon loading of Add-ons Manager (Add delay to insure list of add-ons has finished loading)
* Fixed: Detailed description text in Add-ons Manager (of this add-on only) appears in unnecessarily narrow column.
* Fixed: Clicking dropdown arrow of Autocomplete Listbox not opening dropdown in Thunderbird and Seamonkey
* Fixed: Issue with Services category
* Readjust spacing of items in 'Select Add-on' listbox (altered by Bug 855998 getting fixed in Firefox 25)
* Added support for Greasemonkey Userscripts
* Added: Support for Dictionaries/Language Packs, Scriptish userscripts, and Custom Buttons (patch by Zoolcar9)

Known issues:
* Adding items such as userscripts, 'Custom Buttons' buttons, etc. may not immediately add them to the Autocomplete Listbox. They will appear next time the Add-on Manager is opened (or press F5 to refresh).
* Enabling the (off by default) sorting option may cause some delay as the items resort

Version 2.0.1-signed 15.1 KiB Works with Firefox 16.0 - 26.*, SeaMonkey 2.13 - 2.21, Thunderbird 16.0 - 24.*

* No longer requires restart to install/uninstall. (If you have a prior version installed and enabled, a restart will be required to uninstall that previous version.)
* Support the new 'Services' category (Firefox/Thunderbird/Gecko 22+)
* Fixed: Newly installed restartless Add-ons should be immediately added to optional 'Show Add-ons' listbox
* Compatibile with Add-ons Manager Dialog Returns
* 'Show Add-ons' listbox now defaults to enabled (can be changed via 'Options')
* Improvements to appearance/useability of Options section. ('Autocomplete Listbox Size' should be disabled when 'Show Add-ons' listbox is unselected. 'Instant-apply' changes; remove 'Apply' button. 'Sort Alphabetically Only' takes effect immediately rather than next time Add-ons Manager is opened. Fixed 2px jump of page when 'Show Select Add-on List' is enabled/disabled.)
* Added: (about:config) option extensions.addonsmgrhilte@cfl.showVersion when set to true will show add-on's version number in dropdown listbox (takes effect next time Add-ons Manager is opened - or press F5 to refresh)
* Added: (about:config) option extensions.addonsmgrhilte@cfl.updatedSort when set to true will sort by last updated instead of alphabetical
* [OSX] Drop prefix on -moz-linear-gradient as done in Bug 771975
* Drop support for Firefox/Thunderbird (Gecko) versions prior to 16

Version 14.7 KiB Works with Firefox 7.0 - 23.*, SeaMonkey 2.4 - 2.15a1, Thunderbird 7.0 - 19.*

* Adds default preference missing in version 1.1 (caused loss of much of the extension's functionality for some users - depending on whether user had modified this extension's options)

Version 1.1.1-signed 14.6 KiB Works with Firefox 7.0 - 19.*, SeaMonkey 2.4 - 2.15a1, Thunderbird 7.0 - 18.0a1

* Improved Firefox 15 compatibility (issue with keyboard usage of add-on selection listbox)
* Enable add-on selection by usage of 'down arrow' while typing into autocompleting add-on listbox
* Enhancement (Win/OSX): Make styling of optional add-on selection listbox more similar to that of the Search Box.
* Fixed: If number of installed extensions (or userstyles, etc.) are less than 35 and the window is not very tall, some items may not fit into list and the only way to access them is to resize the window. Unless you're using a very tiny window, this issue should no longer occur. Note that this fix may result in somewhat less add-ons appearing in list before scrollbar appears. If you always use a sufficiently tall window and thus avoid encountering this bug, you may restore the old behavior by setting extensions.addonsmgrhilte@cfl.extraRows to true in about:config (takes effect next time you open Add-ons Manager)
* 'Sort Alphabetically Only' option now takes effect immediately rather than next time Add-ons Manager is opened.
* Minor cosmetic fix to Options panel (Input field for entering 'Listbox Size' made smaller)

Version 1.0.1-signed 12.0 KiB Works with Firefox 7.0 - 14.*, SeaMonkey 2.4 - 2.11.*, Thunderbird 7.0 - 14.*

* Added support for Appearance (themes) and Plugins pane
* Added support for 'User Styles' pane added by Stylish extension
* Added support for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
* Replaced the hilite button with Options - choose desired behavior and it happens automatically
* Added option to choose whether to use/display the add-on list dropdown (defaults to off)
* 'Add-on list' dropdown now displays your selection in detailed view if you are currently in detailed view (otherwise hilites selected item in list and scrolls to it)
* 'Add-on list' dropdown now features autocomplete of typed text entry
(Items in dropdown get filtered to those which match entered text; click on item in list at any time or press <enter> once list displays only one entry.)
* Added option to set autocomplete listbox size (Cropped add-on names get shown in tooltip; Increase size if too many get cropped.)
* Added fix for Bug 616440 (aids scrolling in detailed view and prevents that bug from triggering issues in Addons Manager Hilite)
* Alphabetical-only sort now a (visible rather than hidden) option
* Fixed 'cat is null' error (caused issues when Add-ons Manager was reopened via session restore)
* Added hidden (about:config) option: extensions.addonsmgrhilte@cfl.UIextra
- When set to true provides access to the last previously saved hilite in each category (e.g. extensions) by adding it to the top of the autocomplete dropdown list in the format <add-on name="">. This option only has an effect if 'Always Restore Hilite' is OFF and the autocomplete listbox is ON. Takes effect next time the Add-ons Manager is opened.
* Define event handlers using addEventListener instead of setAttribute (AMO validator recommendation)
* Added locale folder (to enable possible future translations)
* Added custom icon
* Drop support for Firefox versions prior to 7 (due to use of inline options)
* Switch license to MPL 2.0

Known issue: When installing/uinstalling a restartless add-on, the optional listbox is not automatically updated. Closing/re-opening Add-ons Manager (or press F5 to refresh it) will update the list.

Note: 'Alphabetical sort' option has no effect on 'User Styles' (Stylish). This is intentional, since Stylish supplies sorting buttons.

Version 7.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 11.*

Added compatibility fix for Firefox 6+ (Fixes issue that occurs when using Back/Forward Navigation in Add-ons Manager)

Version 7.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 5.*

Compatibility fixes for Firefox 6
(Please update to 0.8.3 for full Firefox 6 compatibility)

Version 7.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 5.*

* Fix intermittent issue of hilite button getting sized incorrectly
* Added hidden option for alphabetical sort of extension list rather than the new by-state (enabled/disabled) sort order. (To enable that option create a boolean pref (in about:config) extensions.addonsmgrhilte@cfl.alphaSort and set it to true.)

Version 7.0 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0b7 - 4.0.*

* Fixed: Some elements on the Add-ons Manager page shift up/down 2 pixels when switching between panels.